The American Astronomical Society

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  2. March 24, 2014 1:54 am

The American Astronomical Society

The American Astronomical Society, or AAS, was founded in 1899 by Gregory Ellery Hale. Known as the “Astronomical and Astrophysical Society of America until 1915,” the AAS originally had only 114 members.

At over 7,000 members, the AAS continues to expand its membership. Headquartered in Washington D.C., the organization prides itself on its elite membership of astronomical professionals. To be accepted in the society, a candidate must be nominated by two Full AAS members. In addition, the candidate is required to be actively involved in astronomy or a closely related field. Biannual meetings are held in varying US locations.

There are six divisions within the American Astronomical Society including: the Division on Dynamical Astronomy (DDA), the Division of Planetary Scientists (DPS), the High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD), the Historical Astronomy Division (HAD), the Laboratory Astrophysics Division (LAD) and the Solar Physics Division (SPD).

The AAS is linked to several publications and well-respected journals including The Astronomical Journal, The Astrophysical Journal, Astronomy Education Review and Bulletin of the AAS. They offer workshops and internships as well as a top notch job register for those looking for jobs in the field.

The American Astronomical Society website contains a wide range of useful information. Here you can find information about staff members and the executive office, upcoming grants and awards, board voting, the organization’s policies, procedures and mission statement, media stories and society significant obituaries.

The AAS offers its members the opportunity to hone their astronomical skills. Members of the organization hope to mentor and inspire the next generation of astronomers. All work hard to fulfill the society’s mission: “to enhance and share humanity’s scientific understanding of the Universe.”

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